Joss McMillan

     Joss McMillan is an average boy on the outside; athletic, likes to play video games, good at school. Except for he isn't the average boy. Joss McMillan is a vampire slayer. Joss is a fast and agile teenager. Which comes in handy when fighting vampires. Joss uses his grandfathers stake as his main weapon. A stake with a gleaming silver tip. Joss joined the Slayer Society for one reason. He say his sister get eaten by a vampire when he was 8.  He joined the Society at the age of 14. Joss is a good fighter and has killed many vampires.

Abraham McMillan

      Abraham McMillan is a respected member of the Slayer Society. He is the leader of Joss' group of slayers, and he is also Joss' uncle. Abraham is very dedicated to the Society and would never betray them. He has been with them for a very long time. Abraham is a very strict leader and can sometimes be a little mean and rude to his fellow slayers. But when they impress him, he can be very nice. Abraham is the one who invited Joss to the Society. Abraham is a dedicated member and has killed countless numbers of vampires.


     Morgan is a member of the Slayer Society. He is a close friend of Joss. Morgan goes on many missions throughout the novel with Joss. Joss looks up to Morgan and views Morgan as one of his only friends in the Society. Towards the end of the novel something Morgan does is viewed questionable so he is not allowed on the mission to Central Park.  Morgan is a very good slayer and has been with the Society for a while.


    Paty is the only the only female slayer in the slayer group Joss is in. She is viewed as a nice caring person. She is kind to Joss and all of her fellow slayers. She is the groups medic and well trained Slayer. 


     Cecile is Joss' late sister. She was only six when she passed. She was also murdered by a vampire. Joss walked into her room to find a vampire feeding from her. That is the main reason Joss joined the society. Cecile was described as a kind, sweet little girl with blonde hair. She also haunts most of Joss' dreams; blaming him for her death. After every vampire Joss kills he utters the words for you Cecile.


   Dorian is a powerful and ominous character in the slayer chronicle series. He first appeared at the end of the first book giving Joss his grandfather's slayer kit. Dorian appears a couple of times in the book giving Joss information and such to help him on his journey. Dorian is later revealed to be a vampire. 

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