The book The Slayer Chronicles: Second Chance takes place all throughout New York. Some of the main places Joss visits are The V-bar, Dorians nightclub, Central Park, and the Slayers home.


   The V-bar seems on the outside like a normal bar that serves drinks and appetizers. Until you take a closer look and realize that it is really a vampire bar and most of the patrons there are vampires. Joss gets a lot of clues from the worker Stephen at the V-bar to where he can find one of the killers. The most popular drink at the V-bar is The House Red.

Dorian's Night Club

   The night club that Joss and Morgan go to too find the next vampire killer is a high end exclusive club owned by none other than the vampire Dorian. Joss and Morgan find two vampires in the night club. The vault, which is another part of the club, is highly exclusive and you have to personally know Dorian to get in The Vault. 

Central Park

     Central Park is where the climax of the story occurs. This is where Joss and the rest of his slayer group face of with the last two of the killers. This is also where many vampires go to hunt humans for food during the night. 

The Brownstone

   The Brownstone is where the slayers make themselves at home during there stay in New York. The Brownstone seems to be a big size one and also seems to be very elegant. 

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