The Slayer Chronicles
Book 2: Second Chance
Author: Heather Brewer

         The book starts with now sophomore Joss McMillan. He has just gotten home from Bathory where he has failed his private mission to kill the vampire Vladimir Tod. He arrives at his house to see his parents for the first time in 9 months. His mother is still traumatized over the loss of his late sister Cecile. Who died over 7 years ago. Joss is not a fan of his life at home due to the fact he is seemingly invisible to his grieving parents. Nothing seems to be going his way until, he gets a call from his Uncle Abraham telling him that he wants Joss to come with him to New York on another mission. Take out a serial killer vampire who has been killing many inhabitants of Manhattan. Joss is immediately relieved he does not have to stay at his dark and sad home for the next 3 months of summer. Once he arrives in New York he goes to the house all of his slayer acquaintances reside. After settling in the Society learns that Joss had taken a private job in Bathory (which is against the society's rules), and they are very disappointed in him. They think he has betrayed them. To earn back their trust Joss must take down the vampire serial killer, by himself. Joss travels around New York to come across the V-bar, a seemingly normal bar until he realizes, it is a bar for vampires. He acquires information about the whereabouts of the killer. He goes to track down the killer. Joss meets the killer in a nightclub and goes outside in order to kill him. After a dramatic fight the vampire has been slain. Joss is congratulated by his fellow slayers until they learn some terrible news. There is not just one vampire killer nor is there two, there is four vampire killers ( now three) roaming around Manhattan. Joss must now kill 3 vampires in order to prove himself loyal to the Slayer Society. Joss manages to find one of the vampires at, yet again, another nightclub. He goes there with a fellow slayer to kill the beast. He follows the beast outside to find that he is feeding on a human. Joss quickly and swiftly kills the monster. After learning that vampires like to hunt for food in Central Park, the team decides to have a stakeout in Central Park in order to kill the last vampires. After 6 hours of waiting, it seems like nothing will happen. That is when the vampires strike. After a long and intense dual the vampires are killed. Joss is told by the Society that they are proud beyond belief by him. The book ends with Joss on his way home, thinking about his deceased sister Cecile.

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  1. Sounds interesting, although I'm not really a vampire fan! cool background to your blog.